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NIC Handle: WJD
Ham Radio: VE3IED

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The following are some links into what makes me tick, and what I do.

  • BeachNet has been providing email and news feeds for ten years for some local groups and organizations. We also provide commercial firewall, VPN, network setup and administration.

  • After over twenty years of working with the various flavours of Unix (eg. HP/UX, SCO, Irix, Solaris, AIX); Linux and FreeBSD are now my operating systems of choice. Highly recommended software. (I personally have about six machines running Linux, one FreeBSD, one SCO and two SGI boxes.)

  • TFMCS (Toronto FM Communications Society) was one of the first organizations which I provided network services to in 1990. It is an Ontario-based Amateur Radio organization with over 600 members.

  • My other hobbies include collecting, programming and restoring old HP calculators. I've submitted several programs and articles, such as the Time Manager for the HP-41, and a program for calculating True Heading and Ground Speed which can be used with most HP's.

  • I am also a private pilot, and currently enjoy flying out of the Toronto Island Airport.

  • One of my favourite places in the world, try to visit Bermuda if you can. Find out more about it here.

  • An online version of my resumé is available if you are interested in my professional services. My specialties are: C, Unix, Linux, Unix tools, Networking, Web and ecommerce implementation, Firewalls and VPN's. Email me if you would like more information.

  • My personal bookmarks and a few things I've published.

  • My Public PGP Key for viewing or download as plain text.

Enjoy your stay...
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